• Easter Perfection


    Hi everyone, hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend! For myself it couldn’t have been any better, the weather and waves were just incredible and with my wife and kids away It was the perfect opportunity to spend the weekend appreciating what we have right on our doorstep. The weather was absolutely stunning and with plenty of waves what could be more appropriate, I planned to spend most of my time out exploring and taking photos, so with my camera gear, wetsuit and tent packed, it was going to be an adventure chasing waves and light around our beautiful coastline. What an adventure it was, I’m so grateful to live in this beautiful part of the world and so  lucky to have this as my job, I have to pinch myself most days! If this is a sign of the summer to come, then I’m super excited.


    I started with a session in the waves around Gunwalloe and the water was absolutely crystal clear, looked just like the Caribbean. I’ve been wanting to get out and explore here for a long time, its such a beautiful area, with the most incredible little church on the beach it really is a Cornish gem of a place. This is the earliest I’ve gone in without gloves and boots which isn’t a great sign from an environmental point of view, locations all over the world are experiencing similar ocean warming. Raising funds for Surfers Against Sewage is of huge importance to me, the marine environment needs our support, current studies are suggesting we only have a decade to prevent complete non-recoverable global ocean disaster, that is not a promising prospect.

    After a coffee and a Pasty I drove out to Porthcurno to have a little paddle on the SUP and ended up going around to Gwennap Head which was stunning, loads of huge jellyfish and several seals popped up to say hello. I definitely want to do some climbing down there in the future.

    The razorbill is a medium-sized seabird, It’s black on top with a white underbelly, has a thick black beak which is deep and blunt, unlike the thinner bill of the similar guillemot. It breeds around the coast of the UK, with the largest colonies in northern Scotland. They only come ashore to breed in winter across the northern Atlantic but unfortunately the future of this species weighs heavy in the balance due to their reliance on the health of the marine environment, sadly, fishing nets, plastic, pollution and declining fish stocks all threaten the razorbills existence.

    With the swell looking better for Sunday I decided to go find a spot to pitch up above some perfect waves, just so happened that I got to enjoy the most incredible sunset too. After having a rough nights sleep from the sound of booming waves, I just knew the surf was going to be epic, when I unzipped the tent to perfect waves it was the most beautiful moment to take in. A quick coffee and the fastest wetsuit change ever, I was straight in, I could barely contain my excitement! Time spent out in nature is so good for the soul and revitalizing in so many ways, I’m sure that’s the main reason people surf, its the ultimate form of escapism.

    This gul was loving surfing these beautiful waves, must be an incredible experience to just gently fly over them like that, no equipment needed!

    Perfection, no one out and super hollow barrels! Its not often you get a combination like that. It allows me to focus and concentrate more not having the concerns of surfers racing past me at great speed, its just a lot more of a relaxed atmosphere where i can just become part of the ocean.

    These are the moments that keep you stoked! After an epic weekend It was so good to have the biggest hugs from Coral & Kai when they got back. Enjoy the adventures and spread the love.

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