It’s been great working with Matt on a few little video projects and I know you will all love his work so here’s a little insight into what Matt does. Hope you all like it.


How did you get into doing aerial photography?

It’s just something I fell into really. Very few people were doing it here in Cornwall and no one was really using drones for the photography aspect, more for commercial use. I saw the potential they had and it really opened my mind into bringing something new and different to a much photographed Cornwall. It’s pretty cool to basically be able to get any angle of any place you want, without being too unrealistic.



What is your favourite photo you have taken of Cornwall from the air?

That’s a tough question! There’s so many I like for many reasons. I think the one that stands out for me is the birds eye view of Coverack harbour. It’s a local spot to me and it’s a very unique angle of the harbour.



Do you prefer to film or do photos or is it easy to do both on a session?

I have always preferred photos, they’re easy to share and unfortunately you can’t hang a video on your wall but recently I have been enjoying the video aspect more. I can do both during the same flight so I try and get some stills and video of each location. Video is something I’m definitely trying to push more though. The goal is to produce high quality film content of Cornwall to really show off this county.



Have you flown your drone abroad? If yes how does it compare to Cornwall?

Only once actually, in the French Alps, so very different to Cornwall! The high altitude makes the motors work harder so it’s a different sort of flying to sea level like what I’m used to. I’m planning to head back to Iceland next year and I’ll certainly get some aerial content then! I would love to spend some time in a warm location on the coast with plenty of surf to get lots of aerial stuff, Hawaii would be perfect for that!



What’s been some of the highlight shoots you have done in 2015?

I was lucky enough to have some fun shoots in 2015 and work with some creative people. Some highlights were filming pro surfer Alan Stokes on the north coast, shooting a video for Red Bull with freediver and underwater photographer Daan Verhoeven to combine Cornwall above and below the water, which was really good fun and awesome to see an idea come to life. Also filming downhill mountain biker Jay Williamson at Poldice Valley. Not forgetting working with yourself too Mike! Hope to do some more with you this year.


Any big jobs you can talk about in the pipeline for 2016?

When the weather finally settles and becomes more consistent I want to get the ball rolling for a more action / adventure orientated film for things you can do around here in Cornwall. I have a lot of things, people and locations in mind so I’m excited to start filming and getting that project underway!

To see more of Matthew’s work check out his website and facebook page




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