• Stormy Porthleven 20/12/15

    The waves today were 11-18 feet in Porthleven, thankfully the tide was only 4.9 metres high so nothing quite as bad as Feb 2014. Still loads of people getting soaked walking along the harbour front. It’s probably more dangerous this size as it takes you by surprise so be careful if you are in Porthleven over the next week, It’s looking pretty big swells for the week ahead and the tides are a bit bigger too. Keep safe everyone.

    Monday high tide 12:53pm

    Tuesday high tide 2:04pm

    Wednesday high tide 3:05pm

    Thursday high tide 3:59pm

    Christmas Day high tide 4:48pm


    Porthleven Christmas TreeDSC_3897

    Lots of this going on today.DSC_3925

    Best place to be to watch the stormy wavesDSC_3932






    s8This was Feb 2014. A lot bigger than today but It’s still huge and dangerous at the size it was today. Take care everyone.

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