Neutrinos, and the possibility of them moving faster than light is mind blowing, After looking into it I thought about this image I took with a strange blue flash in the wave. You normally see the odd rainbow colour but on this image you can see this intense blue sparkle of light, and behind this blue light you can see the usual sun sparkles so just maybe, is it possible this could be the Cherenkov effect captured in a split second in a wave.🤯🤪🤔🌊
When an electron goes faster than light in air and water …
The Cherenkov effect occurs when a particle carrying an electric charge travels through a transparent medium like water or air. If the particle travels faster than light in this medium, its passage causes a brief flash of blue light, a Cherenkov light.
The effect is named after the Soviet physicist Pavel Alekseyevich Cherenkov (1904-1990) who discovered the phenomenon and obtained the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery in 1958.
In water, the speed of light is 200,000 km / sec. An electron must have an energy greater than 175 keV to go faster than light in water.
If a charged particle travels faster than the speed of light in that medium, it “gets ahead” of its electric field. The shock wave is in the form of light rather than sound, seen as a flash of blue light for a single particle, and as a faint glow for a continuous flow of particles. While no particle can exceed the speed of light in a vacuum (3.0 x 108 m/sec), it is possible for a particle to travel faster than light in certain media, such as water.
In short could it be Neutrino matter flowing through water and creating this sonic boom effect after traveling faster than light, hence the blue light glow.

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