• Cornwall waves



    Sunset a few days ago on the south coast 🙂


    New box frames available to add to your canvas orders.


    Beautiful glassy waves last week in Cornwall.

    Cornish Waves from Mike on Vimeo. Little video clip while taking photos in Cornwall.

  • October & November waves

    Sorry for the lack of post over the last few months, It’s been a crazy busy time of year and we are just getting on top of it all now.  It’s all starting to get pretty busy on the Christmas orders too and our calendars have been flying out so thank you all so much. We have had some pretty amazing waves from early October until now and these are some of my favs. Hope you like them 🙂

    DSC_7142[2]Cornish perfection this day. Here’s a little video which I filmed at the same time as taking the photos. It work a treat. VIDEO  HERE


    Sunrise on the south coast of Cornwall last Sunday 🙂


    DSC_6862[1]colI have wanted to get one of these shots for ages. This was some vortex underneath a powerful Cornish wave a few days ago.


    DreamyvibesStoked to see this one in this months Carve magazine. What a session this was a few weeks back. More of these days please.

    HayleBombwebI really love black and white prints and this is one of my favourites from this year I think.



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